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And introduction of additional classes by aerobics reduced a circle of my waist on half-inch and gave a bigger cone and the best symmetry.
To these competitions I lost body weight to 242 pounds. I knew that such children as Sean Ray and Li Labrada will arrive to this show with fantastically sharp relief, and my plan of game was testosterone cyp is as follows: to exceed in muscularity, rigidity and relief.
Many contestants were in great shape, and all fought to the death. But at the end of this evening I was proclaimed by Mr. Olympia, and it was one of the greatest moments in our life. I told our life because my wife Debbie constantly was near me, very much helped me. Unfortunately, Li Heyni did not arrive to Helsinki. And I very much hoped that he will act. I respect Li, I admire him. In the book I call him the great bodybuilder and the wonderful person. In 1991 I forced Li to fight to the death, and he managed to show the standard, best in life. I believe that if it met me on tournament in Helsinki, I would be all the same crowned by the title Mr. Olympia. But it did not arrive.

Purposes distant and near

I consider that the secret of my success in bodybuilding consists that I do everything consecutive. It is necessary to set before itself the small purposes and to go to them step by step. I believe that it is similar to what you cost at the foot of the mountain and deliberate, to get as if on top. If everything that you see - it is mountain top, then you are fine dumbfounded by an enormous distance which you should overcome. If, on the other hand, you take one step, then another, one more, then you slowly, but is sure, step by step will do all way to top of this mountain. And you without fail will achieve the objective.
How I applied this philosophy to my training? When I only began to train, always kept the training diary and wrote the programs, burdenings, sets, repetitions, diets, the training purposes, body weight, etc. The training diary allowed to select precisely the direction of my progress and to define those areas which needed adjustment.
You cannot succeed in bodybuilding, moving at random. Many bodybuilders ask me for suggestions on a power supply and training. After they report to me about the problems, I ask about certain aspects of their general plan. For them it is a dark. Many have even no idea of that how many calories of a protein, carbohydrates or fats they accept. I am interested how they are going to concentrate on something if do not know on what it is necessary to concentrate? And, certainly, I do not receive the answer.
Other problem area for bodybuilders is setting of the big purposes while all are ignored intermediate, small. Here what I mean: many bodybuilders say to me that they wish to have big muscles of hands. I ask them what gain they wish to achieve? They answer: somewhere within ten centimeters, and terribly ruins them that on this way they achieve very insignificant testosterone cyp results. But they concentrate only on achievement of the big purposes and when it occurs insufficiently quickly, many it discourages, others in general give up occupations.
You should see before yourself an overall picture, but consider it fragments. I will give an example. If I am going to increase a circle of my hands, then every time I aim to increase them by a quarter of inch for a certain period. Then on a quarter, then also so further. Without managing to look back, I already achieve a main goal, all the time testing satisfaction from this process.

Training diary

I regularly return to viewing of my old training diaries. They teach much and show me in what areas I achieved improvements. They provide with useful data on what exercises, in what number of sets, repetitions, etc. well worked and what did not work. I can look at these notebooks and tell myself: Perfectly, my body really grew in such period. What did I do at that time? These training diaries became the master plan of construction of my body over time. Reflect... You cannot undertake travel by the ship if, having appeared on its board, you aimlessly drift in waters, without having ideas of where to moor. Construction of your body does not make an exception. It demands the plan. Solid and a well thought-out plan of game which would bring you from point A in point B.

The exaggerated role of genetics

Many people ask me whether I am gifted genetically. If fairly to answer this question, then I would tell that these endowments are higher than average because at the very beginning of serious training I already was brawny and lean. When I started training with burdenings, my growth made 5 feet and 10 inches (177,5 cm), and weight - 80 kg. So I was not mighty at all, testosterone cyp and dry and without excess fat.